Our Beers

Grab a glass. Santa Fe Brewing has a beer for everyone.

FlagshipIcon FLAGSHIPS

These are the beers we make every day at our little brewery in New Mexico. Whether you’re sitting in our tasting room or browsing a grocery store shelf in Texas, you’ll find these all year-round.

seasonal SEASONALS

Every few months, we like to change things up and brew a special beer that’s a reflection of the season. Don’t worry, none of these seasonals will ever have the words “pumpkin spice” in their name.

innovadores Barrel Aged Sours

Our Los Innovadores beers are limited-quantity, barrel-aged sours made with autochthonous yeast and aged in our underground barrel cave by Barrel Artist Leif Rotsaert. Who is not a troll. But does enjoy stories of Middle Earth. And the harmonica.